Saturday, January 10, 2009

Zotero is like magic

Have I sung the praises of Zotero yet? I'm seriously getting into it. It's like Endnote but designed by people who actually do research. And it's free. Zotero is a Firefox add-on, so there's no need to run a separate program to collect sources, and it can add sources from libraries and databases while you're looking at them, not via some arcane (and usually buggy) filter format.  And it can attach files and store snapshots of data with one click. Best of all, I've begun using the "sync" version of Zotero (in beta), which stores a copy of one's library on a server.  This means that I can get access to (and add to) my research from any computer that runs Firefox.  It has already saved me hours of work. How ironic that after all those years of crusading for Endnote at Albion, the college now springs for the program just when I move on.   Oh yes, and Zotero will import data from an old Endnote library too.  So I've just quietly moved house.

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