Wednesday, January 21, 2009

writing, writing

I spent the afternoon writing, allayed with reading about the 30 years war and attempts to learn how to play scales with both hands on the piano. I'm regretting not having typed in notes from a conference presentation I heard several years ago because now I need them and don't remember where I put the paper notes.  I always think I'll have the time to put in notes after a conference, but then I always get caught in the swirl of teaching, and somehow it never gets done. Aarg.

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  1. Why are you reading about the 30 Years war? One day I would like to take up the piano again. I had some lessons but never got very far....
    I don't think I've ever typed up conference notes. On occasion I'll type up what a conference paper has inspired me to think about. I do take notes, sometimes quite detailed ones, which I think just goes back to grad student days. Was is Nietzsche who said graduate students should be "ears with pens"...