Monday, January 26, 2009

Buttock lines

I'm under the gun now for the piece for Appositions, hoping to get a lot more done tomorrow. In the mean time, I can procrastinate by thinking about language.

You know, a lot of fun can be had by taking quotations out of context, particularly from the magazines we seem to have lying around the house.  For example, in one I can read about "relatively firm bilges and easy sweep to the buttock lines back aft" or "She is certain but stately in stays" (both from Boat Design Quarterly). And I recently encountered "DID YOU USE ANY FROZEN SEMEN IN 2008?" (from the Journal of the American Morgan Horse Association).  Finally, there's a great line in an upcoming essay by my colleague Nels Christensen that goes like this: "It's at times like these that I'm reminded of just how many of my most
remarkable outdoor experiences occurred with my pants around my ankles."  Mine too, except for the poison ivy Michele and I encountered as teenagers over in Pennypack Park.

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